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Dental Fillings: Filling the Void for Your Teeth

Does your tooth hurt but you’re not sure why? Can you see a dark spot on your tooth that doesn’t come off with daily brushing? You may be suffering from tooth decay. Dr. Ki can help rid your mouth of the decay and fix the damage it has caused to your tooth. Come in and ask us about how tooth-colored fillings can help you save your smile today. Call Dr. Laura Y. Ki at 703-552-2530 to schedule your tooth fillings Fairfax, VA area appointment today.

Dr. Laura Ki on fillings

Tooth Fillings When Needed

The most common reason you would need a dental filling is if you have developed a cavity from tooth decay. Tooth decay is a huge threat to your teeth. Tooth decay is caused by acid from bacteria in your mouth eating away at your tooth. This damage leaves a hole, or cavity, in your tooth.

The severity of the cavity is determined by how many layers of your tooth are affected. Your tooth has three layers: the enamel, dentin, and inner layer. The inner layer is what houses your dental nerve and surrounding spongy material called pulp. Dr. Ki can treat your tooth decay and take care of the cavity in your tooth using a tooth-colored fillings.

First, Dr. Ki will apply a local anesthetic and then use a dental instrument to remove the decaying material from the tooth. Once she has confirmed that all of the decaying debris has been removed, she will place a dental filling in the damaged area.

Types of Tooth Fillings

Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC is an amalgam-free dental office. We use composite resin fillings to treat our patients’ dental needs and have seen wonderful results. The unique quality about this type of material is that it is applied in layers. Each layer of the filling is cured by Dr. Ki using a special dental light. This step is repeated for each layer until the filling is complete. Then, Dr. Ki will trim off the excess and polish the filling. This leaves you with a dental restoration that seamlessly blends with the tooth it is now protecting.

Benefits Of An Amalgam-Free Filling

There are four main benefits to using composite resin fillings instead of amalgam dental fillings.

  • Appearance – Unlike amalgam fillings that will leave your mouth with unnatural silver spots on your teeth, composite resin is the same color as your teeth. This lets it blend in with your smile and keep your teeth looking great. No one will be able to tell that you have had dental work done – that is, unless you tell them.
  • Superior Dental Bonding – The composite resin does a wonderful job of bonding with your natural tooth material. This chemical bond provides you with added support for your tooth, in addition to filling the hole left from the tooth decay.
  • Multi-functional – Composite resin can be used in more ways than just a dental filling. This material allows Dr. Ki to repair other damage, such as cracks and chips as well. You can have all of your dental needs taken care of here at Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC.
  • Less Prep Work – Depending on the severity of the damage, composite resin fillings with Dr. Ki may require less tooth structure to be removed before the filling is placed. This leaves more of your real tooth, helping to keep it as intact as possible.

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