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Root Canals Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Does your tooth hurt? Do you have pressure, swelling, or pain in a certain area? You may be suffering from an infection in your tooth nerve. Don’t wait to seek root canals treatment. Call Dr. Ki today to find out how she can help save your tooth and your entire mouth from a potentially serious threat schedule your root canals Fairfax, VA area appointment.

Dr. Laura Ki on root canals

A Root Canal to Heal Infection

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that removes the nerve and surrounding material, called pulp, from your tooth. This procedure is necessary when you develop an infection inside your tooth that affects the nerve and pulp. Antibiotics are sometimes effective, but for infections that do not clear up with medication or are too advanced for medication, a root canal is the only option.
First, your tooth will be completely numbed before the procedure even starts. Dr. Ki will then remove the infection by creating a small opening in your tooth. Next, she will remove the infected nerve and pulp from inside of your tooth. After ensuring all of the infected material has been removed, your tooth will be flushed with a solution to sterilize the area prior to filling your tooth. You will then have the open area inside your tooth filled. A rubbery substance called gutta-percha is used to fill this void. A dental filling is then placed to fill the opening that Dr. Ki created to access your infected nerve. We may also recommend a crown to fully protect the tooth. This entire process is important as it will return your tooth to a functional state.

When A Root Canal Is Needed

There is no other way to save your original tooth after you have developed an infection in your dental root. This type of infection will lead to the development of an abscess in your gums. This infected pocket, when left untreated, can ruin your dental structure. You will experience pain, swelling, and pressure in the area. A tooth extraction is the only other viable option for this type of condition, but Dr. Ki will tell you that if you have the option of keeping your real tooth, you should.

Root Canal Pain

Root canals have gotten a very bad reputation over the years. At some point, they became one of the most feared dental procedures. A lot of this stems from people believing that they are painful. This is not true. The procedure is no more painful than having your tooth filled. The amount of sensation you feel during a root canal is directly related to the level of your pain tolerance and the amount of local anesthetic Dr. Ki uses. She knows that no two people are the same, meaning the amount of anesthetic needed may not be the same, either. One person may require more, while another person of the same age, size, and gender may require less. Dr. Ki pays attention to how you are feeling during the process. If you say you are feeling something you shouldn’t, she will make sure you are comfortable before she continues. She may also recommend dental sedation if you are particularly anxious. You will be in great hands with Dr. Ki.

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