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Save a Damaged or Missing Tooth with Dental Crowns and Bridges

A damaged tooth will hurt your smile and may cause you physical pain as well. Losing a tooth can do the same thing. Dental crowns and dental bridges Fairfax, VA area from Dr. Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC can help restore your smile and relieve the pain from these conditions. Come by and see how she can help you today. Call our dental office at 703-552-2530 for your dental crowns and dental bridges Fairfax, VA area appointment today.

Dr. Laura Ki on crowns and bridges

Dental Crown Restoration

A dental crown is a restorative dentistry device that is used to restore a damaged tooth to a functional state. A crown goes over your tooth, like a cap, to protect it. There is another type of crown that is a full replacement tooth. This type of crown is used with dental implants and will actually take the place of your original tooth. Some situations in which a dental crown may be the appropriate treatment include:

  • A Weak Tooth – You may have a weak tooth that can no longer stand up to the biting forces in your mouth. The weakness can be caused by genetics, injury, or, more commonly, tooth decay. A dental crown can be used to protect your tooth from breaking and give you the ability to eat freely again.
  • A Broken Tooth – If you already have a broken tooth, a dental crown can help you keep it together and restore the function of your mouth. This solution may be used by Dr. Ki in lieu of an extraction.
  • A Cracked Tooth – Dental crowns can help keep a cracked tooth from cracking further and give your tooth the support it needs to remain in your mouth. Dr. Ki will go over your situation and help you determine what the appropriate treatment is for you.
  • Dental Implants – Different from what you normally think of when you hear about dental crowns, these crowns are actual replacement teeth that are placed on top of dental implants. They are not hollow on the inside and therefore can withstand the biting forces inside your mouth.
  • Dental Bridge Support – When you have a bridge put in to replace a missing tooth, dental crowns are used to anchor the bridge. A false tooth is bonded to crowns on each end. The crowns are placed over teeth at either side of the gap and bonded into place.

The Crown Placement Process

Receiving a dental crown is usually a two-visit process.
Visit #1 – This is when your tooth will be evaluated by Dr. Ki for crown placement. Your tooth will also be prepared during this visit. This involves shaving down the enamel of the tooth so that the crown can fit on top of it. Dr. Ki will also take dental impressions and sent them to a lab to have your crown custom made to fit your smile. This may take several weeks, and Dr. Ki may provide you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth while you wait for your permanent crown to return.
Visit #2 – Your temporary crown will be removed, and your permanent crown will be placed. Dr. Ki will be sure to confirm that the fit and color are correct before permanently cementing the crown into place over your tooth.

Type Of Crowns

Dr. Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC offers ceramic dental crowns to our patients. This material is common for dental crowns and offers a wonderful aesthetic to the crown itself. The ceramic, or porcelain, does a great job of giving you a color that is similar to the rest of your teeth, as opposed to metal crowns that leave you with an unnatural looking tooth in your smile. Dr. Ki will be able to go over all the benefits of ceramic crowns and help you decide on your course of treatment.

Dental Bridges Replace Teeth

A dental bridges is just that, a bridge in your mouth. It spans the gap that is left after you lose one of your permanent teeth. Your dental bridge will be made up of a crown on each end of the dental bridge and a fake tooth, called a pontic, in the middle. Your dental bridge will be secured by the dental crowns, which means that two of your healthy teeth will have to be prepped before the dental crowns are placed on them.

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