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Get the Full-Mouth Reconstruction You Need from Dr. Ki

Some people have a few issues with their mouths and need some help, and then there are others who have a lot of issues with their mouths and need extensive treatment to get their mouths back to a functional state. If you need extensive help, you may benefit from a full-mouth reconstruction Fairfax, VA from Dr. Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC. This type of treatment gives Dr. Ki the ability to address multiple issues in a single treatment plan.

Dr. Laura Ki on full mouth reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Options

When you have multiple issues affecting the functionality of your mouth and don’t want to go through multiple procedures to get those issues taken care of, a full-mouth reconstruction may be an option for you. This plan is not for cases in which the issues are dental cosmetic in nature. Dental Cosmetic issues do not affect the proper function of your mouth, but instead whether your smile is attractive. While that’s important, it’s not as important as whether your mouth is actually able to do its job. Thankfully, however, the look of your smile will see a boost from a full-mouth reconstruction as well.
People with severe dental problems are excellent candidates for this type of treatment, and it is meant to address all of their issues in a single, coordinated plan. This allows for less surgical time and less recovery time as well.

A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Plan

Restorative dentistry techniques make up the primary offerings used in a full-mouth reconstruction. Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that are no longer fully functional and too damaged to be left exposed. Dental bridges may be used to fill open areas in your smile and give you back the ability to chew your food comfortably. Dental implants are also an option to replace missing teeth and keep your dental structure safe from possible deterioration. Dental veneers may be employed for minor repairs due to their versatile nature. Even orthodontic treatments can be used to help correct the position of your jaw. Dr. Ki can use many options to help you get your mouth back to a functional state.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants will help you in two key ways.

  • Stability – Dental implants give you superior stability compared to other teeth replacement options. This is because of their unique ability to bond with your jawbone. This process, called osseointegration, is not accomplished by any other tooth replacement option.
  • Bone Loss – When a real tooth is no longer in your jawbone, it leaves a space behind. If that space isn’t filled with something, your bone underneath it will deteriorate. Dental implants help to prevent this deterioration from occurring. This saves your bone and helps to preserve the natural look of your jawline.

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