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Find the Right Replacement Tool for the Job

Ever heard the phrase “use the right tool for the job”? Your natural teeth happen to be the perfect tool for the major job they were given, chewing your food. So, what are you supposed to do if this “perfect” tool fails? In the past, the replacement options were either dental bridges or dentures, but now, we have dental implants. Dental implants will give you back everything you lost when your tooth or teeth came out.

Dr. Laura Ki on a patient who has difficulty chewing

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the closest that modern dentistry has been able to come to a replacement for your natural teeth. Mother Nature did an amazing job when she created your teeth. They are the perfect tool for the job they have been given. One of the main reasons they are so good at their job is the stability they offer, a trait that dental implants mimic better than any other tooth replacement option you will find. Implants are so stable due to their unique property that allows them to bond with your bone structure. The term “osseointegration” is used to describe this process of the implant literally becoming part of the bone.

Another benefit of dental implants is not only how they bond with your bone but also how they are able to protect it and prevent bone deterioration after you have lost a tooth. When you lose a tooth, there is a space left open in your smile, but there is also a space left open in your jawbone. With nothing to fill this space, your jaw will begin to deteriorate around that opening. Think of people who have lost all their teeth, and now their mouth looks shriveled like a prune. This is not just because of the lost teeth but because of the bone loss from lack of tooth root support. Dental implants fill that need for bone stimulation and support and can keep your smile healthy and full for years (even decades) to come.

Dental Implants From Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC

Dr. Ki performs single implant replacements. If you lose a tooth, we can use a dental implant to replace it. We will put the implant in and then attach a replacement tooth to the top of it. These replacements are called crowns, but they differ from traditional dental crowns in that they are not just hollow caps but full replacement teeth. If you have a complicated dental implant case, we may refer you to one of our trusted dental implant partners to make sure you are able to get your smile taken care of properly.

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