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Why You Won’t Regret Your Dental Implants

  • February 1, 2017

Why You Won’t Regret Your Dental Implants

While at the store, you find something amazing. You buy it, take it home, and … you instantly regret it. Buyer’s remorse is real. Thankfully, dental implants to replace lost teeth are so amazing that you won’t regret them.

Call our Fairfax, VA dental office today at 703-552-2530 to make an appointment for dental implants. As a member of the American Dental Implant Association, Dr. Ki has training in dental implants that other dentists might not have. This gives her a unique insight into restoring your smile.

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are a long-lasting restorative dentistry treatment. It’s designed to replace teeth that you either lost or had removed for one reason or another. They’re a popular dental restoration since they’re almost like getting a brand new tooth.

Each dental implant has three parts:

  • An artificial root that mimics your natural teeth’s roots.
  • A beautiful, like-like replacement tooth.
  • An abutment that connects the two.

Why is there an abutment? If you ever damage the replacement tooth, Dr. Ki can replace it without having to replace the root. The dental implant procedure is routine oral surgery for an experienced dentist like Dr. Ki.

By calling Dr. Ki today at 703-552-2530, you will be one step closer to completing your smile with dental implants. They fit into your smile so well that people will be hard-pressed to see you even had work done.

Why You’ll Love Your Dental Implants

Dr. Ki has been replacing missing teeth with dental implants for years, giving her the practical experience to match her advanced training. Here are a few reasons why a dental implant from our Fairfax, VA dental office will help you.

Dental implants only require the same care as your natural teeth.

Some dental restorations need special care in order to last. For example, dental bridges need a special plastic hoop in order to keep the area underneath it clean. Having braces means you cannot enjoy all the foods you want.

Dental implants are so close to being a real tooth that you do not have to do anything different. Just brush and floss like you already do, and your dental implant can last over 20 years. Call us today and schedule your appointment for a long-lasting dental implant.

Dental implants give back strength and power to your bite.

It’s not easy to chew when you’re missing some of your teeth. Sure, you could probably eat some stuff without any teeth. But have you ever tried eating corn-on-the-cob or steak without some teeth? You deserve a smile that works as it’s supposed to.

That’s why you need to call Dr Ki today and make an appointment for dental implants. Once these are in place, your bite has the strength and power it’s supposed to have. You’ll be able to chew with confidence once again.

Dental implants help keep your jawbone from deteriorating.

Many people do not know that their jawbone needs stimulation to stay healthy. That’s provided by the roots of your natural teeth. When you chew, pressure travels down the tooth and into the bone tissue. This stimulates the bone there.

When you’ve lost a tooth, you’ve also lost the root and the stimulation that followed it. Over time, the bone tissue there begins to deteriorate and weaken.

Thankfully, you can correct this problem with a dental implant from our Fairfax, VA dental office. Dental implants include an artificial tooth root that’s surgically placed in your jawbone. This allows pressure from chewing to reach the bone tissue and stimulate it, keeping it healthy.

Dental implants boost your self-esteem.

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you worry about how you look. That’s true when you’re missing a tooth. That dark gap in your smile is not just unsightly — it’s hard to ignore.

By calling Dr. Ki and making an appointment for a dental implant, you are closer to filling that gap with a beautiful, life-like replacement. Your smile will be whole again, and it will look much better. Knowing that can improve your self-esteem and let you smile confidently.

Call us today at 703-552-2530 and make an appointment for a dental implant. You can also request an appointment online. Dr. Ki is a member of the American Dental Implant Association. That means she has advanced training and expertise in placing dental implants. Finally, you can have a full set of teeth and everything good that comes with it.

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