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Why Teeth Sometimes Need To Be Removed

  • November 16, 2016

Why Teeth Sometimes Need To Be Removed

Is that toothache a sign you might have to remove the tooth? It’s possible. Call Dr. Ki today at 703-552-2530 and schedule an appointment for a dental exam. Dr. Ki has gone on several mission trips and seen first-hand many reasons why people might need their teeth removed. Combined with her advanced training, this gives Dr. Ki a unique insight into dental extractions.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Dental Extractions

A long time ago, people routinely ignored teeth that needed to come out. They’d just wait until the tooth fell out on its own.

That’s a bad idea. While every case is unique, here are some problems you could face is you do not get that tooth removed.

  • More deterioration of the jawbone around the tooth.
  • An infection spreading to other parts of your mouth or even your body.
  • Continued or worse dental pain.
  • Breaking the tooth with the root still in the jawbone.

If a tooth needs to be extracted, it’s much better to get it done by a trained, experienced dentist. Call our Fairfax, VA dental office today. Dr. Ki has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education to complement her years of experience. You can confidently know if a tooth needs to be removed or if it can be saved.

Why Dental Extractions Are Sometimes Needed

At Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC, our team will always try to save your natural teeth. Here are some cases where the best thing left to do is a dental extraction.

1. An infected tooth did not get a root canal soon enough.

There are times when harmful bacteria can slip inside a tooth. When that happens, the bacteria infect your dental pulp. Not only is this very painful, it starts to kill the tooth from within. Root canals can remove these infections, but if it’s not done in time, the tooth can be so damaged that removing it is the only course of action left.

That’s why you need to call 703-552-2530 today and schedule an appointment. Dental exams with digital X-rays can spot infections before they can grow big. But if it’s too late, Dr. Ki has the training needed to safely remove the tooth with a minimum of discomfort.

2. Gum disease is making that tooth fall out, so it’s safer to control how it comes out.

Gum disease is when those same harmful bacteria irritate and eventually infect the gum tissues. In advanced cases, this infection will create two problems:

  • Your gums start to pull away from your teeth.
  • The bone tissue in your jaw starts to deteriorate.

Combine the two, and it’s not hard to see why gum disease can make your teeth fall out.

By calling our Fairfax, VA dental office today, you can schedule an appointment for a dental extraction. If gum disease is going to make a tooth come out, Dr. Ki can at least extract the tooth in a controlled, safe environment.

3. A wisdom tooth is coming in wrong and threatening your dental health.

Wisdom teeth (also known as your third molars) often cause problems when they finally come in. Some remain under some of your gums and get impacted. Others bump up against your second molars. In both cases, extracting the wisdom teeth is the best things to do. You don’t need them to chew properly, and they can cause health problems.

Call us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ki. Not every wisdom tooth has to come out, but it’s best to determine that as soon as possible. With her experience and training, Dr. Ki can explain why your wisdom teeth might need a dental extraction.

4. Your smile is overcrowded with extra teeth.

Some people have 1-2 baby teeth that never fall out for some reason. Others are born with extra teeth. These quirks of biology can make your smile look overcrowded. They can also be a dental health problem since your mouth is only supposed to have so many teeth.

When you call our Fairfax, VA dental office today, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ki to discuss a dental extraction. Removing the extra teeth can help your smile look much better and stay more healthy.

Call us TODAY at 703-552-2530. Dental extractions are never done lightly here at Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC. Dr. Ki always looks for the best solution for your dental health. If that means a dental extraction, at least you will be working with a dentist that takes 100 hours of continuing education each year.

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