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Tooth Extraction Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Make It Through the Process

  • July 17, 2016

Tooth Extraction Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Make It Through the Process

If you have to lose a tooth, you should know how to make the most out of your post-operation experience. We know that the last thing you want to talk about is life after your tooth is removed, but in reality, having the damaged or painful tooth taken out is not only the right move, but in the case of heavily damaged teeth due to tooth decay, it is the only choice.

Why Tooth Extractions Are Not The End Of The World

If you’ve been told you need a permanent teeth removed, you might be thinking that it is the end of the world. That’s because your teeth are not supposed to come out (with the exception of wisdom teeth). They are supposed to be with you for the rest of your life. Well, life sometimes doesn’t get that memo, and you need to take steps to protect the rest of your mouth. That is why this isn’t the end of the world. What you are doing is for the good of your whole mouth, and if that means you need to have a tooth extracted, then we are here to do that for you.

An extraction is necessary when the damage done is so extensive that our restorative options cannot return the tooth to a functional state. If you leave the tooth in, you are just going to cause yourself more pain from the tooth being damaged. And if the damage is from tooth decay, you may run the risk of causing damage to your other healthy teeth, or developing an infection that will require even more treatment and permanently harm your dental health. But don’t worry, Dr. Ki in Fairfax, VA can help you find a replacement option to fill the spot in your smile.

5 Tips To Survive The Day After Your Procedure

So, you have had your tooth removed, and your mouth has begun the healing process. Here are five things you can do to make the coming days more bearable while your body adjusts.

Tip #1 – Take your pain meds. This seems obvious, but you may be surprised how even the obvious tips go unheeded. Your body is going to be relatively upset for a bit after your procedure. Just as with any surgery, you may have aches and general uncomfortableness going on for a couple days following this procedure. Taking your pain medication as directed will go a long way toward helping you get through what could otherwise be a rough time.  

Tip #2 – Don’t spit hard for the first day or so after your procedure. Strange, we know, but the reason is that you might accidentally dislodge the blood clot that has formed in the now-empty socket your damaged tooth used to occupy. Dislodging the clot will do two things. The first is that it begin to bleed again, and the second is that it will put you back at square one as far your healing process goes. The goal is to make it from surgery back to normal as fast as possible, and dislodging that clot will not accomplish either of those goals.

Tip #3 – To help with the swelling, apply an ice pack to your face following surgery. The ice will help with the clot formation by shrinking the blood vessels in the area, effectively stemming the flow of blood to your open spot in your smile. The ice will also help to ease any swelling you have as a result of the surgery itself. This will make you more comfortable and help ease any pain or pressure associated with the swelling. Rotate the ice pack 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Do this until your face feels better or the ice melts, whichever comes first.

Tip #4 – Be sure to bite down on the gauze that is packed into the empty socket. This gauze is what is stopping your mouth from bleeding. Keep biting (firmly but not too hard!), and change the gauze as needed. Repeat that step as needed for about three to four hours post oral surgery, and your clot should be sufficiently formed at that point to be able to stop using the gauze pads.

Tip #5 – Start looking into how dental implants can fill the newly opened vacancy in your smile. With unmatched stability and the added benefit of helping to deter bone deterioration, dental implants are a perfect match for your single tooth replacement need. Cal Dr. Ki at 703-552-2530 to schedule your consultation.

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