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How To Make Your Oral Surgery Go More Smoothly

  • March 1, 2017

How To Make Your Oral Surgery Go More Smoothly

Oral surgery might be routine, but it’s always the last choice. Dr. Ki has the training and real-world experience needed to know when other treatments can work instead. That’s why you need to call us today at 703-552-2530 and schedule an appointment. If oral surgery is your last, best choice, Dr. Ki has helped many people have healthy smiles with such treatment.

Why You Might Need Oral Surgery

Restorative dentistry helps repair damaged teeth and restore your smile. For example, dental crowns can seal up a tooth that’s cracked or fractured, saving the tooth. However, restorative dentistry can only do so much. Here are some situations where oral surgery will probably be necessary:

  • Your jawbone is too thin, preventing you from getting a dental implant.
  • One of your teeth is too damaged (from a cavity or accident) and needs to be removed.
  • You have a wisdom tooth that needs to come out.
  • A tooth is soon going to come out due to gum disease.

Thankfully, Dr. Ki has advanced training in oral surgery. By calling us today, you can get a thorough dental exam to determine if there are any other treatment options available. If not, rest assured that oral surgery with Dr. Ki will get you want you need: a healthy, safe smile.

Preparations To Help Things Go Smoothly

Here are some preparations you can make at home to help your oral surgery appointment go more smoothly.

– Make sure you have plenty of bland & soft foods.

You’re going to want something to eat eventually. Besides, you need to eat to keep up your strength. However, your mouth will likely be tender right after oral surgery. Any foods that are spicy, tough, or chewy could be too much to handle. Before your appointment, make sure you have foods that are bland and soft, such as mashed potatoes and yogurt.

– Pick out comfortable clothes and leave any jewelry and makeup behind.

Because our dental team will be working on your teeth and gums, don’t bother wearing any jewelry or makeup. Rings are fine, of course, but earrings, noserings, and facial piercings need to be removed.

Since you’ll be lying back in our chair for a while, you should also wear something comfortable. In fact, lay out your clothes ahead of time so that’s one less thing you need to worry about before coming to our Fairfax, VA dental office.

– Buy some cold packs and get them in the freezer.

If necessary, Dr. Ki will make sure you have some help controlling any post-surgery pain. However, sometimes the old ways are still useful. Get yourself some cold packs and put them in the freezer the night before. Once home after your appointment, place them over your jaw to help numb the area and control any swelling.

– Ready some books, movies, and TV shows for while you’re resting.

After your oral surgery is complete, you’ll need at least a little time at home resting up. That time can be boring, and there’s only so many naps you can take in one day. Before your day of the appointment, line up some books, movies, games, or whatever to help you pass the time.

– Pass on food and drinks (except water) eight hours before your appointment.

Oral surgery with Dr. Ki is routine, but it’s still surgery. That means you will need to avoid all food and drink starting eight hours before the start of your appointment (not when you think the oral surgery will begin). You can always drink water and take any prescription medication.

– Read any instructions before your day of oral surgery.

Dr. Ki will probably give you a short list of instructions for what you need to do before and after your oral surgery appointment. Make sure you read all of these the day before your appointment. If you have any questions about these instructions, you’ll now have time to call our Fairfax, VA dental office.

Call us TODAY at 703-552-2530 and make an appointment with Dr. Laura Ki. You can also request an appointment online. Dr. Ki is highly skilled and experienced at oral surgery. With her help, you can get the healthy smile you deserve.

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