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Get All The Facts About Root Canals

  • September 16, 2016

Get All The Facts About Root Canals

If there was ever a dental treatment that people rush to judge, it’s a root canal. You probably get a little uncomfortable even hearing the term root canal. After all, our culture has done a tremendous job of demonizing the procedure — on top of an already biased view against dentists. Having practiced in the area for several years, I don’t expect you to be overwhelmed with excitement when you hear about needing a root canal. But I would ask you to consider the benefits of the treatment before rushing to a judgment.

So today, I have a few facts about root canals that you need to consider. Don’t let stereotypes or half-truths guide your dental journey. You can trust our office to lay out the facts and help build you a better, more beautiful smile.

Root canals save the tooth. Of all the grief root canals get, I’m worried that people miss the point: the procedure saves the tooth. If you have an infected root or abscess, your two options to fix the problem are an extraction or root canal. With root canal therapy, we can clean out the infection, fill the tooth, and then restore it with a crown that will make it functional for years to come.

Root canals are not painful. This is a hard fact to convince people about. We’ve all probably heard horror stories or an off-handed remark about the pain associated with a root canal treatment. I’ll admit that years ago, this was probably somewhat new. But today, we have tools that are malleable and fit easier inside the root of the tooth. We also now offer better pain management. Now, the only pain you’ll feel is before the treatment, but I’ll have more on that later.

An infected root or abscessed tooth will hurt. There is nothing quite like nerve pain, especially in your mouth. An infected nerve or abscessed tooth can level even the toughest people on the planet. It flat out hurts, but then again, there is no guarantee that all abscesses or infected roots will be painful. In fact, it’s completely possible to have an infected root and not even feel any pain at all. Whatever the case, the best way to determine if you need a root canal is with an exam and X-ray. Also, don’t wait until you’re in pain to visit the dentist. Maintain regular dental appointments to avoid costly restorative procedures.

Root canals are extremely successful. For as much as people much root canals, you’d think the outcomes would be terrible. Not true. The fact is that root canals can be completely with about a 98 percent success rate. A root canal can take some time depending on the number of canals you have, but remember that the procedure is almost always successful.

Root canals are not harmful to your health. In the 1920s, a dentist theorized that root canal procedures were dangerous to your overall health, leading to arthritis, kidney disease, and heart disease. So, instead of cleaning out the canals and using a filling material, this dentist recommended that patients have extractions. It’s now almost 100 years later, and researcher, dentists, and scientists have found no link between root canals and overall health issues.

At our office, we can complete your root canal treatments and then provide a natural-looking and strong restoration that will restore the tooth. Most dental offices require you to visit an endodontist for root canals, but I have special training to provide root canal procedure right here in our office. Don’t let someone scare you away from restoring your mouth. Call our office today 703-552-2530 to schedule an appointment.

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