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Don’t Worry, Here’s Why Fluoride Is Still Good For You

  • July 11, 2017

Don’t Worry, Here’s Why Fluoride Is Still Good For You

There’s a good reason the American Dental Association recommends fluoride — it’s still good for you. It’s safe for your body, and it really helps keep your teeth healthy. But these days, fake news is all over the place. That’s true for dentistry as well. People have been trying to say fluoride is somehow bad for you.

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The Fake News About Fluoride

What is fake news? It’s when someone presents a lie or made-up story as truth or fact. Most of the time, this happens when someone doesn’t understand the topic. It’s easy to make mistakes like that.

That’s why there is so much fake news surrounding fluoride. Chemistry and medicine are very complex, so they are easy to misunderstand. For example, fluoride really can hurt you if you managed to ingest an incredibly large amount of the stuff. But that’s also true for salt, calcium and even water. (Overhydration can lead to a coma.)

Then there are people who tell you fluoride is horrible — and then try to sell you something that will help, such as a fluoride-free product or a book explaining why. Unfortunately, it appears these people are selling a solution to a problem they made up.

What You Get From Fluoride

Dentists and scientists recommend using fluoride, and here’s why:

  • Fluoride enters the enamel and strengthens it, making enamel more resistant to cavities and damage.
  • In fact, fluoride even reverses microscopic amounts of damage to enamel.
  • With children, fluoride will help their adult teeth become stronger even before they have come in completely.

That’s why our Fairfax dentist recommends fluoride products. The science is absolutely clear that fluoride is safe for your health and will help make your teeth stronger.

Fluoride Myths And Truths

A lot of that fake news talks about common fluoride myths. Here are several of the more common myths and the truths you need to know.

MYTH: Fluoride is bad because it’s a man-made chemical.
TRUTH: Fluoride is completely natural.

To many people, the word “chemical” sounds bad. That’s because too many companies put harmful chemicals in our food and products. However, just about anything is a chemical. Yes, that means water is a chemical too. Others say fluoride is created in a lab somewhere, but the truth is that fluoride is a natural mineral just like potassium and calcium.

MYTH: Fluoride should not be in water.
TRUTH: Fluoride is naturally found in water.

Decades ago, many communities in the US began adding fluoride to tap water. This was done to help improve everyone’s dental health, and it worked. But some people argue that it’s not natural to include fluoride in water. That’s false. In fact, fluoride is found in well water naturally. That’s how scientists learned about fluoride. People who drank well water with naturally-occurring fluoride in it had better teeth than those who did not.

MYTH: Fluoride is used in poison, proving it’s harmful.
TRUTH: There are different kinds of fluoride, and what’s in your toothpaste is perfectly safe.

Chlorine is used to keep pools clean and safe, but it’s a harsh chemical that you cannot ingest directly. And yet, you do that every day. You just take a different kind of chlorine — sodium chloride, also called table salt. One version is unhealthy but another is perfectly fine.

That’s true with fluoride as well. One kind of fluoride is used in rat poison, and you should never ingest that. But the type of fluoride used in toothpaste and tap water is as different as salt to chlorine. Studies and experiments have repeatedly shown this type of fluoride is perfectly safe for you and your family.

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