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Are Dental Implants Or Dental Bridges Better?

  • May 1, 2017

Are Dental Implants Or Dental Bridges Better?

Having a gap in your smile is more than just a problem with looks. Sure, missing a tooth from your smile makes it look worse, and it can make you look older. But your other teeth will start to get crooked without its support. You can have trouble chewing, and food can collect in that space.

That’s why you need to call our Fairfax, VA dental office today at 703-552-2530. Dr. Ki is highly trained and experienced in replacing lost teeth with either a dental bridge or a dental implant. But which dental restoration is better? That depends.

Don’t Ignore That Empty Spot In Your Smile

You can’t worry about every little pain or problem. Sometimes, the right thing to do is just get some rest and leave the problem alone. That often works for a sore back, but when it comes to your teeth, that’s usually a bad idea. Here’s why that won’t work with a missing tooth:

  • Depending on which tooth you lost, you can have trouble pronouncing words clearly or chewing the foods you love.
  • Your other teeth will start to drift towards the gap, making your whole smile crooked and misaligned.
  • Food particles can collect in the space, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease at that spot.
  • Your bite can start to change, putting extra pressure on your jaw joints.

By calling Dr. Laura Ki today, you can schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry that fills in that gap with a beautiful, strong replacement tooth. As a member of the American Dental Implant Association, Dr. Ki thoroughly understands how to restore a gap-toothed smile.

Dental Restorations For A Lost Tooth

When you need to replace a single lost tooth, you have two options: dental implants and dental bridges.

Dental implants are long-lasting and durable, but they require oral surgery. Your dental implant will have three parts: a replacement tooth, an artificial tooth root, and an abutment that connects the two.

Dental bridges don’t last as long but do not require surgery either. Here, you’ll get the same replacement tooth. A dental crown is placed atop each tooth next to the gap, and the replacement is bonded to these so it’s held firmly in place.

Comparing Dental Implants & Dental Bridges

You need to replace a lost tooth, but which one is better? Here’s how these two dental restorations compare.


If you are mostly concerned about finding the most affordable dental restoration, then you want a dental bridge. A dental implant may be a great thing, but it requires oral surgery. That can drive the price up.

A dental bridge does not require any surgery. Instead, Dr. Ki will bond a replacement tooth in just the right spot by using two dental crowns. Each goes on the tooth next to the gap. This way, you get the replacement firmly in place but removing or replacing it won’t damage your teeth.


When it comes to taking care of your dental work, you want something that is easy to maintain. Dental implants and dental bridges are tied in this category. You’ll need to brush, floss, and visit our Fairfax, VA dental office regularly, but that’s about it. There are no eating restrictions or changes to your lifestyle with either dental restoration.


Nothing lasts forever, so your dental restoration may need to be redone at some point in the future. But if you’re looking to postpone that for as long as possible, then you want a dental implant. A dental bridge normally lasts around 10 years or so. A dental implant will last 20 years or longer. That’s because it’s more like a natural tooth.


The problem here is your jawbone. Normally, the bone tissue there is stimulated whenever you chew has sensation travels down the roots. A dental bridge has no root, so the bone tissue there begins to deteriorate. A dental implant includes an artificial root that lets sensation return. This helps keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Call us TODAY at 703-552-2530 and make an appointment with Dr. Laura Ki. You can also request an appointment online. Both dental restorations will give you back the power and confidence you need in your smile.

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