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How You Can Beat Dental Anxiety And Get Needed Care

  • June 1, 2017

How You Can Beat Dental Anxiety And Get Needed Care

It’s not like you should be jumping around and squealing in delight over going to a dental appointment. Like going to the doctor, it should be something that you just do because it’s good for you in the long run.

However, some people are so worried about visiting a dentist that they feel a lot of worry and anxiety over such visits. This is called dental anxiety, and it can make you skip appointments you absolutely need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This only makes those problems worse, as they need dental treatments.

That’s why you need to call our Fairfax, VA dental office today at 703-552-2530 and make an appointment. Dr. Ki is trained in using sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed and worry-free. That way, you can beat dental anxiety and get the dental treatments you need.

Sources Of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is not normally some kind of fear that grips and paralyzes you. It’s something that nags at you until you come up with an excuse for not going to dental appointments. Instead of thinking, “Well, I have better things to do today, but I really need to make sure I don’t have cavities or worse,” you end up telling yourself, “Hey, I’m really busy today and don’t have time to make that appointment.” You tell yourself you’ll reschedule, but then the same problem comes up again.

That’s a big problem. If you do have a cavity, it will keep growing until repaired. Other dental problems like gum disease, infected teeth, and crooked teeth will likewise grow out of hand the longer you ignore them.

Why does dental anxiety exist? There are as many reasons as there are people, but here are four of the most common sources of dental anxiety.


Dental offices can be intimidating to a child. There are all these strangers who want to touch their teeth, there are all these weird machines, and the sound of a drill is a bit scary. Even if you always had a great experience at your dental visits, the lingering childhood memories of fear and concern can affect your mood today and give you dental anxiety.


It doesn’t have to be your experience to impact you. Hearing a friend talk about a bad dental visit can be powerful. So can watching a show or movie where someone has a problem at the dentist’s office. If you’ve heard too many bad stories about dentistry, part of your mind can worry about that happening to you. This can give you some dental anxiety when you think about going for your own visits.


If you’re a parent or run a team at work, you are likely up to your neck in duties and work. That can mean you’re very used to being the one who has to make decisions and do stuff. So when you go to a dentist’s office, you have to sit back in a comfortable chair and let someone else do all the hard work. That can be anxiety-producing because you keep feeling like you should be up doing something.

Sedation Dentistry For Dental Anxiety

Dr. Laura Ki is your Fairfax dentist who is trained in sedation dentistry. This means you can get a small sedative to help you feel calm, relaxed, and ready for a dental treatment. You can get one of two kinds of sedation dentistry: minimal or moderate.


With minimal sedation, you just need some help getting past mild dental anxiety. It normally comes as a small pill you take about one hour before you head to our Fairfax, VA dental office. Because of that, you’ll need someone to drive you here. Minimal dental sedation like this can last a bit longer than your appointment, so you’ll need a ride home as well.


This option is for people who have a big problem with dental anxiety. You’ll either take a higher-concentration pill or a few pills at once. Here, you’ll probably fall asleep during the treatment, but even if you stay awake, you’ll feel deeply relaxed and just fine. A ride to and from our Fairfax, VA dental office is also needed.

Call us TODAY at 703-552-2530 and make an appointment with Dr. Laura Ki. You can also request an appointment online with our Fairfax dentist. Dental anxiety can be a powerful thing, so you need a powerful solution like sedation dentistry. Finally, you can stop worrying about dental treatments and actually get them.

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